Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Forget La Cueva de Nerja, the real treasures are to be found nestled amongst the winding pebbled streets of the old town. Nerja is a stunning Spanish seaside resort on the Costa del Sol, much favoured as a fiesta location by Spanish holiday makers. 
 Nestled amongst the many shops and street stalls which sell almost anything are several very good household shops, mainly specialising in decorative pieces or unnecessary objects as my reluctant boyfriend refers to them. This is the same man who has told me I do not need to spend my weekends in household shops hunting down such items as these are the things you collect along your travels. Seen as " I was on my travels " so to speak I picked out some gorgeous little treats for my home sweet home. Unfortunately I was flying Ryanair and only had a carry on case so I was limited to what I could bring home otherwise I would have (credit card allowing) bought literally everything in sight. Instead I parted with some old well worn flip flops and managed to squeeze the following little gems into my slightly bulging hand luggage...


  1. I bought loads of Christmas decorations when we were in Nerja years ago - they always remind me of a lovely holiday.

    You bought some really lovely things.

  2. I love that area of Southern Spain - we stayed up in the hills - Alhama de Granada a couple of years ago - magic. Went to Nerja then. Some good finds!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments, Nerja is a great spot and not just for shopping, everything else about it is fab too! Ive been going there for at least 15 years. Fav holiday spot! Lovely to hear from others who enjoyed it too x x x

  4. Nerja is such a refreshing place after the hustle and bustle that can be found along the costa del is much slower, and nicer :)